Custom tile showers designed by YOU for your individual needs.

Free in home consultation. Design and customize your tile shower from the comfort of your couch! All installations come with a lifetime warranty.

Solace Showers is your contractor for custom tile showers. Whether you need an accessible shower for a family member or want a luxurious spa experience, our team of designers and contractors will help you get it done.

Our Services

Our shower installations and renovation services start with a free in-home consultation and end with the shower of your dreams that fits your home's style and your mobility.

  • Handicap & Disabled ADA Showers

    Safety and usability are key when installing showers for elderly and handicap Americans. Choose from our wide variety of Grab Bars, Low Thresholds and Bench Seats to make showering one less thing to worry about.

  • Luxury Tile Showers

    Epoxy Grout, Linear Drains, Frameless Glass and Floating Benches are just a few of the amazing options to customize your shower into a personal oasis!

  • Shower Mold Mitigation

    Shower Mold can lead to coughing, asthma, and spores in your home, and cleaning the mold in your shower can seem endless. Let us be the solution. Schedule a free consultation with us to stop the damage happening to your home and your health!

  • Shower Design Services

    Let our talented designer walk you through the thousands of different options available piecing together your bathroom remodel and shower ideas to create the perfect space to wash the day away.

Solace Showers Mission & Qualities

Lifetime Warranty

We're a small, family-owned business that has been serving the greater Raleigh area for years. Our mission and joy are to share our design skills and building expertise to create the custom tile shower of your dreams.

With Solace Showers, you get quality materials including real tiles and hard-working fixtures that stand against time and leaks, look beautiful in your home, and are easy to use and maintain. We may take a day or two longer than the other guys, but our custom tile showers are done right and have a lifetime guarantee.


Why Solace Showers?

Add Value, not plastic!

  • We BUILD tile showers that Last.
  • No plastic shower panels, just beautiful Tile.
  • Thousands of different tiles to choose from.
  • Talented designer to piece your bathroom ideas together.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Process

Bathroom renovations can be tough, and choosing the right contractor can be even tougher. Your needs and wants should always drive the remodeling process, and our free consultation is just the beginning of your unique remodel plan. Do you need a trip-free entrance and a particular shade of tile? We'll listen to your ideas and build them, too.

Installing a new shower with Solace Showers is an easy process with 3 simple steps:

  1. Consult
  2. Design
  3. Install

We begin by removing your existing tub or shower, and fixing any structural damage caused by leaks or deterioration.

We install a 100% waterproof shower system, then install the tile of your choosing, grout, and install glass.

Then you enjoy your shower for many years to come!

Solace showers custom tile showers near Clayton NC

Turn Your Old Tub Into The Shower You've Always Wanted





All Shower Installations Have A Lifetime Warranty

All Shower Installations Have A Lifetime Warranty


Showering made easier!

We specialize in low threshold, easy access, easy use showers. We've been designing disability-friendly showers for years and understand the requirements for ADA accessibility. Our customer-driven process will always put your requirements first.

What does that mean???

Solace Showers build custom tile showers for individuals with handicaps

Entry: Unlike bathtubs, which can have over a foot and a half of entry height, our shower entries are never more than 6 inches high. That means easier entry for Elderly, Disabled, or physically inhibited people is simplified and not burdensome. Our entries are never more than six inches high, making entry and exit easier for everybody. We can also build true-level entry showers to meet your needs.

Seating: Options are always available in case you need to rest for a moment. With fixed or moveable shower seating options you gain peace of mind! We offer a wide range of seating options that make showering easier, no matter your needs or wants.

Grab Bars: Always available in many different color, and length options, our ADA compliant grab bars allow for an additional peace of mind. We offer grab bars in many lengths and colors. Get a shower that meets your needs and looks great!

Hand Held Wands: Showering has never been easier than with hand held wand options that make washing off so much simpler and convenient. Our wide range of fixtures includes numerous hand-held options for easy bathing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Installs usually take between 4-5 business days.

Typically, if you are replacing an existing enclosure a permit is not necessary, but we recommend you check with your local permitting office as each town and county may have their own unique guidelines.

Short Term- Using a bleach or vinegar cleaner, but that will only hold off mold for a few months. The shower pan is holding water and was not installed correctly. We will need to do an inspection of the shower and give you the best options to move forward.

Persistent mold is often a result of an improperly installed shower pan or improperly sealed tiles. While there's always a risk of mold in a warm, wet area like a shower, a high-quality, 100% waterproof installation will keep it from settling in for good.

We know you don't have unlimited money to spend on a shower remodel, which is why we offer options at many different price points.

No matter your budget, we'll offer you a design process that includes transparent pricing and no surprises. Our in-home consultations are always free, and our lifetime warranty means this is the last time you'll ever have to redo the shower.

ADA-accessible showers follow ADA regulations with 6-inch-high entries, easy and secure seating options, approved grab bars, and hand-held wands.

Ensuring your shower meets the full range of regulations may be important if you're renovating a bathroom for a full or part-time rental property. Our team is familiar with ADA-accessibility requirements and knows how to construct a shower that meets them.

You or your family may not require a shower that meets all ADA regulations. In that case, we'll work with you to build a shower that has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Losing access to your home bathroom, even for just a few days, can be a little stressful! Prior to the shower installation, we'll give you our firm start date and estimate of how long it will take.

On the day of your bathroom renovation, you'll need to take your toiletries and linens out of the bathroom. We'll lay down plastic sheeting to keep the area clean and use fans to blow out any dust.

For estimates, contact us at your convenience. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Tell us about your project:

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