Shower Drains

A shower renovation isn't complete without a stylish square or linear drain. Small details like these make all the difference between a standard shower design and one that stands out. Solace Showers pays attention to the details and is here to help.

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Shower Drain Styles 

While there are many shower drain models, two popular ones include point drain and linear drain. Point drains are used in most households, while linear drains are usually found in luxury hotels or spas.

Solace Showers offers both of them and will help you find the perfect one for your renovation.


Point Shower Drains

Let's start with the standard option: point drains.

With point drains, the floor is sloped in all directions and guides the water from the shower floor to one specific area. You'll have the option to choose between a round, triangle, or square point drain. We recommend choosing a square grate instead of the round grates commonly found in traditional drains.

Square grates are the preferred choice for any tile lover. They create a clean-cut, symmetrical look that works well with most tile designs. In addition, many appreciate the contemporary look that a square drain adds to their bathroom or shower. Most installers place square drains in the middle of the shower because the water flow is four-way and gradually sloped evenly in each direction towards the drain.

Square Shower Drain Styles 

Solace Showers uses Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN square shower drains in the sizes of 4" and 6". We have several styles for you to choose from including stainless steel, chrome, rose gold, and more. We'll base the shower drain design on your preferences.

Here are some benefits you'll receive when choosing a square drain:

  • Aesthetic

    The square drain adds the perfect touch to any bathroom space. It comes in several elegant designs and finishes, ensuring you'll find one to match the theme of your bathroom. From mid-century modern to farmhouse, you'll find the perfect square shower drain right here with us!

  • Cost-effective

    The total overall cost varies depending on the size of the shower footprint, but with a center square drain purchase, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price of a linear drain. Therefore, installation labor costs will also be less and require fewer onsite modifications.

  • Easy-to-install

    Most tiles are square, so you won't need to worry about getting your tile cut into a circular shape for the drain. It makes for an easier installation and ensures that all the tiles fit securely around the drain, creating a seamless look compared to round drains.

Why Solace Showers Is the Best Place To Find a Product

At Solace Showers, we understand that finding the right product and service for your shower drain installation can be a daunting task. Knowing which is best suited to your project can be challenging with many options. That's why we partner with Schluter Shower Systems – a leading industry standard for quality and excellence – to ensure you get the best shower drain products.

Our team is committed to providing fast response times and punctual and dependable service. Plus, our customers are always happy with the final result. So, whether you're looking for a brand-new installation or just a replacement for an existing drain, we have a wide selection of products that will suit your project.

Additionally, we have highly skilled contractors who offer expert assistance and installation services customized to your needs. You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to take all required precautions to guarantee that you get the best shower products and installation for your project.

handicap accessible shower built by Solace Shower near Clayton North Carolina

Linear Shower Drains

Now let's cover the more luxurious option: linear drains. This is a great option for homeowners going for a modern, glamorous feel that you often get at a luxury hotel.

Linear drains are long and rectangular that make sure water is drained as efficiency as possible. This is an effective option if you're wanting to use large sized tiles as your shower floor. And, it can be placed at the shower door wall or at the wall opposite.

Benefits of this type of drain include:

  • Increased safety:

    Linear shower drains are an excellent solution for families with mobility or disabled needs. The single-sloped design helps create non-slip surfaces, minimizing hazards and improving safety. Make your home a safe space for the whole family!

  • Aesthetic:

    A linear shower drain is the best choice to give your bathroom a spa-like luxury feel with a high-end aesthetic. Unique in design, it helps create a sleek and modern look that adds functionality to your bathroom. Make your bathroom the envy of all who see it!

  • Installation and Design Flexibility:

    By sloping your floor in a single direction, you can create endless tile choices and minimize grout lines. Don't be scared to experiment with new alternatives; big-sized tiles and solid surface materials may help you construct a stunning and functional bathroom!

  • Maintenance:

    Reducing grout joints and seams in your bathroom floor leads to fewer tile cracks and fewer areas for mildew, mold, and grime to grow and accumulate. You'll spend less time scrubbing and cleaning and may focus on more important things!

    A sleek, stylish linear shower drain can add a touch of sophistication to your bathing space. With finishes ranging from brushed stainless steel and chrome to matte black, you'll be able to find the perfect look for any bathroom!

    If you're considering renovating your bathroom, why not get in touch with Solace Showers? We can help you make your vision a reality.

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