Trending Tile Patterns and Looks

Trending Tile Patterns and Looks

trending tile patterns for ceramic tile showers located near Zebulon North Carolina

Tile is a statement, and Solace Showers  in Clayton, North Carolina is working tirelessly to stay on top of the latest trending tile patterns around the Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, and Smithfield areas. Designing a shower or bathroom with different colors, textures and patterns will allow your bathroom to be the room people talk about but also your space of peace and solitude. We have put together our top 10 list of trending tile patterns and looks that will catch everyones eye! Here are some shower remodel ideas...

10. Ceramics

Ceramic tiles are simple and elegant additions to your shower area, backsplash, and accent walls. They are relatively cheap and add a lot of value to your home! When installed correctly they can be paired with other shapes, sizes and colors to blend a one of a kind wall in your house.

This shower has a half wall shower door that compliments the space so perfectly. Notice the flower mosaics on the floor and the ceramic hexagons in the shower floor. This bathroom is one that will be timeless for years to come! The golden rainfall shower head is just the icing on the cake for this one!


Use Busy Patterns in Moderation

Use tiles with unique patterns for your backsplash or another small area in the room, but not on every surface. Combine the busy-patterned tiles with larger plain tiles to keep your space from looking too visually overwhelming.

Don't think your shower or bathroom has to be plain! Add some character with ceramic cream tiles paired with penny tiles and herringbone patterns to create dimension. With tens of thousands of different tiles on the market you can explore million of different possibilities  for any surface in your home.

9. Back in Black!

AC/DC? No, although that is a great song, black trims and hardware are in style!!! Shiny gold may have been the look for our parents but that is long gone. Black trims, grout and hardware is dominating the shower remodels right now and rightfully so. They are sleek and eye catching no doubt!

You can use the black colors on everything from your shower head, metal finishing, hand held wands and even grab bars if needed. Custom Glass installers like Clayton Glass have also adopted the look and are installing black trims on their custom glass doors.

trending black shower trim ideas for your shower located near garner North Carolina
trending pebble look tiles in a shower

8. Pebbles

Pebble tiles have become extremely popular with their ease of installation and sophisticated look. Tile manufacturers and suppliers have ramped up their production of pebbles because it adds a natural look to your shower and there is a style and color to go with almost any tile. Additionally, they pair very well with natural hardwood floors because of the continuation of the "natural" look. Visit our page on ADA Showers to learn more and schedule your free in home consultation.

Safety is a concern when building a shower for elderly and handicap individuals. Pebble tiles on a shower floor is a great solution for an anti-slip surface thanks to their spacing and rigidity.

7. Contrasting Colors

Coming in at no. 7 on our list is the unique technique of using contrasting colors.

Have you noticed the recent trend in using contrasting paint colors within the same room? Homeowners are moving toward designs that combine a clean white wall with a stronger bolder dark brown, red or green color, giving the room a modern look. The same results can be achieved with tile – and you can even create a better, more distinctive design. Instead of choosing conventional wall tile colors, why not explore new possibilities?

tile shower pattern with contrasting colors and pebble tile accents located near Clayton North Carolina
trending custom tile shower built by Solace Showers with grid pattern tile located near Raleigh Nc

6. Simple Grid Pattern

Simply put, the grid pattern is a derivative of the straight lay tiling pattern. Made with only square tiles, used in their regular square position, the grid layout lines up square tiles alongside one another and directly above and below one another. This can be an extremely plain way to tile a room, but it provides a plain background for more patterned tiles to stand out on a feature wall or tiling border. Visit our Visualizer to explore more options.

5. A Touch Of Blue!

According to Color Meanings, the Greeks believe that the color blue would ward off evil spirits, and in a way it does. Blue is associated with relaxation. Even corporate logos use blue because it incorporates a sense of trust. Using blue tiles or blue accent tiles in your home or shower can trigger a relaxing atmosphere that is even believed to relieve stress. Incorporating a touch of blue in your shower can not only calm you in the evening but can also add an eye catching style that is unique to your home.

trending tile looks blue accents used for custom tile showers near Fuquay Varina NC
Trending brushed gold shower and bathroom trim on a custom tile shower by Solace Showers located near Angier NC

4. Out with the old, In with the GOLD???

Believe it or not Gold is back in style and its trending! Now don't get scared, we're not talking about the gold that is in your great aunt Debora's house, we're talking about brushed gold! According to Houzz, its not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you wait long enough, everything comes back in style! Gold fixtures are the latest trend in luxury bathrooms and kitchens, but with a modern twist. No longer are we stuck with the boring, old polished brass! The jewel of yesteryear no longer shines as bright, and this finish from the past has now been updated with more designer and decorative shades and textures, each with their own descriptive name. We see new fixtures in finishes like Champagne Bronze, Brushed Gold, and Satin Bronze popping up from all of the top manufacturers these days! Champagne bronze and Brushed Gold fixtures are ushering in a new "Golden Age" in home decor.

3. Hexagons

One of the ever-popular tiles as of late are hexagon tiles. Versatile, and fundamentally stylish, they serve as great options across a myriad of rooms. A subtly stylish color, gray, can work well for a bathroom wall that seeks to have minimal spotlight in design. The hexagon shape will add fluidity, but the gray tone will allow other aspects of the room to take the lead.

Whether it be marble hexagon tile to porcelain hexagon tile or black hexagon tile to mosaic hexagon tile, there are a variety of colors, materials, looks, applications and design options for hexagonal tiles. This is what makes them such a modern and popular choice.

shower with hand wand
custom tile shower with trending cool and warm tones located near apex North Carolina

2. Grey and Brown Together?

Nowadays, when you walk into a house you either see one of two things. Grey cool tones throughout, or brown and tan warm tones. Both are great at adding character to your home and giving your space a cohesive identity but why can't you use both? Here at Solace Showers we try to build spaces that people will love and that goes with the theme of their home, but we also take resale value into consideration. Adding a mix of warm and cool tones does exactly that!

1. Graphic Tiles

Coming in at no. 1 on our trending tile patterns and ideas has got to be the use of graphic tiles in a shower. Creating a shower with graphic tiles is more for the advanced designer, but when used properly, can add unique style to any space. Now don't go crazy and put them everywhere! Use graphic tiles in moderation and pair them with some simpler tiles as well. There are tens of thousands of different patterns to choose from including fleur de lis.

Either in soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colors the intricate patterns available for these tiles will lure you in and capture your heart. This trend is number one on our list because it’s going to be, or should I say, it already is HUGE! Patterned tiles will continue to expand in popularity. From subway tiles to ceramic, it’s safe to say that graphic pattern tiles can be anywhere and everywhere especially your bathroom. This style really gives homeowners the chance to tap into their creative side, or hire a designer to get creative for them.

trending tile patterns graphic tiles in a shower located near Clayton North Carolina