The Best Ways to Keep Your Shower Clean

Nothing snatches the zen right out of getting clean like catching a glimpse of gooey grime in the shower. Everyone wants to retreat to a clean shower every day, but we’re usually less enthused about rolling up our sleeves for a serious scrub. Searching for hassle-free strategies to help your tile showers hang onto their sparkle? Let’s break down some smart tips to maintain your shower’s shine all the time, because enjoying your bathing routine in a clean environment is worth the effort.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Rather than spend hours sweating and scrubbing once pesky mildew has already set in, why not combat it on the front end? Keep grime from ever becoming an issue by incorporating a few handy, no-hassle practices into your routine.

As a basic rule, make it a habit to avoid allowing excess moisture from steamy showers to linger in the bathroom. Open windows and use the fan whenever possible to help keep things fresh, week after week. Next, use a natural cleaning spray, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a cheap handheld squeegee at the end of every shower to leave the entire area completely disinfected and dry. If that sounds like a tall order, consider this: adding this two-minute task to your routine lets you avoid difficult scouring sessions down the line. Whenever you need motivation, think of the scrubbing! You’ll be shocked at how little time it takes to spritz and dry the shower walls, doors, and floor when you’re done bathing. In fact, it gives you a couple of minutes to naturally air dry, which is said to help hair and skin retain more moisture.

If the curtain seems like a hassle, we’ve got some good news! Tossing your shower curtain in the washing machine with your towels once a month is a simple way to keep ickiness from ever collecting. Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle and skip the dryer (it can hang dry right where it belongs!).

When you make cleaning tile showers a series of small, simple tasks, you spare yourself from a grueling, heavy-duty scrub later. Plus, you get to more consistently enjoy a well-maintained space for your own daily hygiene habits. Efficiency for the win!

2. Skip the Harsh Chemicals

Sick of breathing in a buffet of scented cleaning agents? Great news for anyone especially sensitive to intense bathroom products: you should actually skip them! You can leave all the harsh stuff like sulfuric acid and ammonia at the door when you swap out harmful household staples for alternatives that are a whole lot more sustainable. Best of all? They don’t compromise on delivering those hard-hitting results your tile showers really need. Save yourself (and your loved ones) from breathing in strong, bleach-based disinfectants packed with harmful chemicals and artificial aromas. Instead, feel the difference when you remove soap scum and watermarks with some of nature’s most effective cleaning agents, like baking soda and vinegar. These natural compounds will successfully get the job done without filling your bathroom with smelly, toxic fumes. After all, is it really clean if the air is polluted? As an added bonus, natural homemade cleaning solutions aren’t just safer; they’re much cheaper! Just be sure to dilute your vinegar with water before using it directly on grout to avoid causing any deterioration of the top protective layer.

FYI: Bleach can also wear away grout sealant, making it more susceptible to stain marks. It’s generally a good idea to extend your grout’s life by adding a fresh coat of grout sealer a couple times a year.

With a quick, daily spray and dry-down using natural-based products, you’ll consistently stave off moisture-loving mold and mildew, and you’ll shave off major minutes of harder scrubbing labor down the line. Clear soap scum away right away, without ever forcing yourself to breathe in any unhealthy particulates.

3. Master the Art of Multitasking

An especially easy way to keep any unsightly, unhealthy growths at bay is to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the inside of your tile shower while you’re actually in the shower. That’s right. Take a couple quick minutes to wipe down the major run-off areas where water tends to collect. You’ll be amazed at how little effort it takes to clear it all away in a swipe with this damp sponge. It also works great on harder-to-wash shower curtains in a pinch! If you think about it, cleaning the area while you’re using it is a really smart use of the time you’ve already set aside for hygiene anyway. Maybe you can even use a quick wipe-down as a chance to distract yourself while a leave-in conditioner or clay facial mask sets in.

Do you enjoy music while you get clean? Get into the groove while you go to town on your tile shower. Trust us, it’ll work wonders for passing the time, and it will always be super rewarding when you get out feeling clean and look back at your shined-up shower space.

Performing a few low-effort cleaning tasks while you’re already in the shower doesn’t just keep you from needing to clean yourself or your clothing afterwards, it also primes glass and tile showers by creating a warm, steamy setting. This makes it the optimal moment to perform light, routine maintenance on moist shower surfaces.

The bottom line: by maximizing your cleaning time and extending it to your surroundings, you’ll be blown away at how your shower hardly ever seems to need a separate scrub down anymore!

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