Shower Remodels in Wendell, NC

Functional showers are essential in every home. You need a place to bathe that accommodates everyone in your household.

However, many homes come equipped with bathrooms that stop at functionality and aren't designed for longevity or to be aesthetically pleasing. Some shower designs are limiting or have an unattractive appearance. Others force you to come up with clunky storage solutions that further detract from the atmosphere.

In hot, humid North Carolina, a person's shower should be their refuge from the world, accessible and peaceful, a place where you can truly unwind after a taxing day. That's why we created Solace Showers: to deliver beautiful, well-appointed bathing spaces to Wendell, NC residents.

Keep reading for a full rundown of our remodeling and renovation services.

Custom tile shower remodel by solace showers in Clayton Nc

Shower Design

Our team has years of experience designing bathing areas for North Carolina homeowners. We help you choose the best shower design based on the size of your bathroom and the functions and features you're interested in.

For instance, our clients interested in ADA showers will appreciate our designs for curbless showers since these have a low threshold and are easier to enter and exit without assistance.

ADA Showers

To make our curbless showers even more accessible, we offer a range of accessories that make life easier for anyone using a mobility aid. We install grab bars, bench seats, and handheld wands to help the elderly and disabled people in your home take a bath effortlessly.

Shower Inspections

You can call us anytime to request shower inspections for your home. Our team is ready with the tools and years of experience to help determine the condition of your shower. They'll advise you on overdue bathroom remodels and give you other insights to help create the best bathing area for your home.

Barrier Free shower with linear drain

Shower Remodels

If you have moved into a new home and need to change up the bathroom, our team is the best to call. We have highly skilled contractors who will create the bathroom of your dreams in the shortest time possible. We use high-quality materials to create luxurious tile showers with built-in features to suit your individual needs.


Fiberglass Removal

Our shower remodels typically start by scheduling a fiberglass removal with our team. We'll safely and efficiently remove your old fiberglass bathing area and ensure everything looks good before proceeding with your tile installation.

Shower Financing

Our luxurious tile showers don't have to break the bank. We offer flexible shower financing to our clients to ensure everyone can afford the bathing facility of their dreams.

Plus, all of our bathroom remodels come with a lifetime warranty directly from the manufacturer, so you'll be completely covered in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

Your Shower Solution Awaits

Solace Showers is unmatched in providing luxurious tile showers and accessible bathing solutions for homeowners in Wendell, NC. We'll work with you at every step to ensure your new bathing area is everything you want it to be and more.

Call us now and book a consultation for your bathroom remodel. We promise to deliver the shower of your dreams!