Shower Remodels in Durham, NC

The bathroom is an essential part of the house that needs to feel and look great for a fulfilling, relaxing bathing session. A well-appointed bathroom needs a design that lets enough light in and has a beautiful interior that makes you want to walk in and take a shower.

In Durham, NC, most homeowners are migrating from outdated fiberglass suites to modern bathroom solutions. Besides the obvious personal and stylistic appeal of modern showers, they also raise the value of homes and make a property sell high in the real estate market.

Solace Showers is a top provider of high-quality bathroom designs and renovations to the people of Durham, NC. We offer first-class shower solutions, including designing and installing curbless showers for area homeowners.

Below are some of the bathroom solutions and services you can expect from Solace Showers.

Custom tile shower remodel by solace showers in Clayton Nc

Solace Showers Services and Products in Durham

ADA Showers

Our bathroom solutions are inclusive and considerate to the elderly and the disabled. We have bench seats, grab bars, and curbless showers to make it easy for people who use any form of mobility device to bathe without assistance.

Our ADA showers are as attractive and functional as any other bathroom solutions we provide to Durham residents. If you need your bathroom remodels to incorporate an ADA shower design, our team will be ready to help.

Shower Mold Mitigation

We also offer mold mitigation to help keep your bathroom fresh and clean. While our showers have antimicrobial elements that ward off mold and any dampness that comes with constant water use, failure to properly maintain your tiles can lead to mold growth.

We offer mold mitigation solutions to homeowners in Durham to help them take better care of their bathrooms and avoid the health risks of mold. Schedule a free consultation today!

Shower Design Solutions

When you come to us for full-scale shower remodels, our team will provide you with multiple shower designs to choose from. We can also advise you on the latest fixtures and trends for tile showers.

We can facilitate bathroom remodels that need a total change-up and those that just need a few tweaks. Talk to us about fiberglass removal and shower remodels at your home.

Barrier Free shower with linear drain

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

  • Luxury Tile Showers

    At Solace Showers, we've made a name for ourselves in the Durham, NC area as top designers and builders of luxury tile showers. You'll be able to choose from a staggering collection of more than 1,000 tiles in a wide range of materials, including slate, porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. We will help you customize your bathroom to the standard you want.

  • The Top Choice for Shower Solutions in Durham, NC

    The Solace Showers team helps residents improve their homes with functional and appealing showers. We offer shower financing options to keep our services affordable, as well as shower inspections to ensure your new system runs perfectly.

    Talk to any of our contractors to learn more about shower financing, fiberglass removal, shower inspections, or any of our other services.

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