Shower Remodels in Clayton, NC

Homeowners in Clayton, NC need a comfortable environment where they can unwind in peace - particularly during our sunny, sticky summers. There's no better refuge from all that heat and humidity than a beautifully-designed shower.

Your shower should be a place you can always turn to for comfort at the end of a long day, where your troubles are outside as long as you need them to be. That's why Solace is here to meet any shower-related need you could have.

Our Services 

Here's a breakdown of the services we offer Clayton, NC homeowners for their showers and bathroom facilities.

Custom tile shower remodel by solace showers in Clayton Nc

Grout Repair

Over time, grout will wear down. If this goes unchecked, it can threaten your walls' structural integrity and your health due to mold and mildew buildup. Luckily, we're here to get it patched up!

Shower Remodels

We'll help you plan a brand-new shower design and then carry it out. Whether it's fiberglass removal or the installation of shower seats, we have the ability and the know-how to tackle any project.

Plumbing Services

This is vital to having a great showering experience. If your water pressure needs adjusting, we can help you with that too.

Tile Installation and Repair 

If you're interested in tile showers, this is the best place to find one. If you like what you have, but it needs a shapeup, we can get it looking as good as new. We offer a broad selection of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles.

Barrier Free shower with linear drain

Grab Bars

If you're looking for ADA showers, you'll need a sturdy grab bar for support to get on and off of the shower seats. In addition to this service, you should also look into curbless showers.


Curbless Showers

This is a shower design in which the floor is no higher than the rest of the bathroom. This is a common feature in ADA showers.

Shower Design Consult

We know how stressful bathroom remodels can become. Give us a call if you need inspiration about how you want your bathroom to look. We'll provide a shower inspection and honest feedback.

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

  • Luxury Showers

    Incorporating all of the latest technology into the showering experience, these facilities are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty. Reach out for more information about our luxury shower remodels in Clayton, NC.

  • Why Choose Solace 

    Effective shower financing while also getting excellent quality may seem impossible; however, with us, it'll be your reality. We offer top-tier bathroom remodels at astonishingly affordable prices.

    Our team has a wide range of expertise in shower remodeling, with years of experience in making products that last. We prioritize customer service in everything we do, guaranteeing your absolute satisfaction at every step of the way.

Create the Perfect Retreat 

The answer to having a shower that both speaks to your personality and accommodates your needs is right here. With Solace, you won't have to choose between functionality and style: we deliver both at a price that won't break the bank.

If you're ready to change your showering experience for the better, book a consultation today!