Shower Remodels in Angier, NC

Solace Showers specializes in shower remodels in Angier, NC. Our team of skilled designers and installers have years of expertise developing cutting-edge tile showers to improve your bathroom's look and utility.

We provide our customers with many products and services, including panels, faucets, and shower inspections, to name just a few. Our showers are made using only premium materials to ensure durability and are developed with innovation and practicality in mind.

We also provide various finishes and styles to accommodate varied design choices. Furthermore, we offer a range of bathroom accessories, including towel bars, soap dishes, curtains, and more.

Custom tile shower remodel by solace showers in Clayton Nc

Our Products and Services in Angier NC

ADA Showers

Individuals who have disabilities or mobility challenges should take into account our ADA showers that are created to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. To make them both accessible and safe for users, these showers frequently incorporate features like low thresholds, handrails, and non-slip surfaces.

Curbless Showers

For our customers who want their shower design to have a contemporary and streamlined appearance, curbless showers, also known as walk-in showers, are a popular option. Since there are no barriers or high edges on these installations, entering and exiting them is simple, and the bathroom floor seamlessly transitions into the shower space.

Shower Design

A crucial component of any bathroom remodel is the design. We consider the area's size and layout, the shower system used, and the desired aesthetic of our customers.

Our expert team removes old fiberglass showers and replaces them with updated models as part of our fiberglass removal procedure. If the fiberglass is worn out or damaged, this may be a required step in the remodeling process.

Fiberglass Removal

Shower Inspections

Your shower's safety and efficiency must be maintained through regular inspections. During these inspections, our specialists will identify any system problems, such as water pressure or temperature, and suggest any necessary modifications or repairs.

Barrier Free shower with linear drain

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

  • Shower Financing

    Solace's shower financing allows you to pay for remodeling or renovating your bathroom over time rather than all at once. All our installations come with a Lifetime Warranty to protect your investment.

  • Shower Remodels

    Shower remodels typically involve modernizing or modifying an existing shower space in order to increase its usability, accessibility, or aesthetic appeal. This can entail changing the tilework, installing a new shower system, or incorporating accessibility-enhancing add-ons such as railings or a bench.

  • Bathroom Remodels

    Bathroom remodels involve updating or renovating an entire bathroom rather than just the bathing area. This can include updates to the bathtub, sink, toilet, and other features in the bathroom.

  • Tile Showers

    These installations use tiles to cover the bathing area with a beautiful, water-resistant surface. This could entail putting in brand-new tiles or changing out old ones.

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