Shower Hand Wands

A lot goes into crafting the perfect shower experience: picking the perfect custom tiling, deciding on physical structure and design, choosing shower heads, and niche options such as heated floors and benches. There are a multitude of things you can install to maximize your enjoyment of the bathing process.

One oft-overlooked addition, however, is the installation of a shower hand wand. If you've been considering implementing one into your own shower space or are looking for reasons to do so, keep reading.

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Why Should I Purchase a Shower Hand Wand?

A shower wand is a handheld showerhead that directs the flow of water wherever you want it to hit. They can be manufactured with different pressure settings. Hand wands are usually purchased as a supplement to a fixed showerhead but are also sold separately by most retail stores.

If you're looking for a way to get to those tough-to-reach spots, a shower sprayer might just be for you. It allows you to easily target specific areas of the body, such as the feet or lower back.

These wands can also be useful for people who have mobility issues, as they allow the user to adjust the direction of the water flow without having to move around much. Wands can be paired with benches and shower seats to create an ADA-compliant bathing facility.

Those who use a sprayer also find that they provide a more powerful or invigorating bathing experience than a traditional fixed showerhead – a spa-like environment, if you will.

Styles of Hand Wands

There are several styles of shower hand wands that our team of experienced technicians at Solace Showers can come in and install in your home, all available with comprehensive financing options. These include:


This type of shower wand has a long, straight handle and a removable head with adjustable spray patterns.

Slide Bar

A slide bar shower sprayer is mounted on a rod that can be adjusted to different heights and angles. This adaptability allows you to easily direct the water flow to different parts of your body – the ultimate comfort and flexibility option for hands-on showerers.


A fixed wand is attached to a hose and cannot be adjusted in position. It's typically mounted to the wall or ceiling of the shower.

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A detachable shower hand wand can be removed from its mount and used as a handheld showerhead. This allows you to easily reach different parts of your body and can be especially helpful for people with mobility limitations or disabilities.

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A rainfall shower wand has a wide, flat head that mimics the natural flow of rain. It's designed to provide a gentle, soothing, spa-like experience, making it ideal for those who want to turn their shower into a sanctuary.


A massage hand wand has a special nozzle that produces a strong, focused stream of water for a massage effect. This style in particular can help relieve muscle tension and soreness after long days of work or exercise.

Benefits of a Shower Wand

If you're thinking about complementing your shower experience by acquiring a sprayer in the nearby future, there are numerous benefits that you can reap by asking our technicians to install one.

  • Increased Flexibility

    The next time you find yourself in need of a quick rinse but without enough time to take a full shower, fear no more! With a shower sprayer, you can easily adjust the direction of the water flow to reach specific areas of your body or avoid areas you don't want to get wet. You may also choose to aim the water towards your lower back if you want to massage sore muscles with a strong enough pressure setting.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Hand wands are available in a range of styles and finishes, so you can choose one that matches the aesthetic of your bathroom. For example, you might choose a wand with a sleek and modern design if you have a minimalist bathroom, or you might opt for a more traditional look if your bathroom has a more classic feel.

  • Enhanced Water Pressure 

    Some shower sprayers have a high-pressure setting that can provide a more intense experience. This customizability can be especially helpful if you prefer a strong, massaging spray, or if you live in an area with low water pressure. The ability to adjust the water pressure and spray pattern can make your shower more enjoyable and leave you feeling far more energized after you bathe.

  • Ease of Use

    Not only is a shower wand excellent for people with disabilities or mobility issues, but it can also be helpful for people who have difficulty standing for long periods of time, as it allows them to sit down and use the wand to wash and rinse their legs and feet. It's an excellent complement to a shower space with a bench installed.

Easy to Install

Many wands are easy to install and do not require any professional plumbing assistance. Some models simply screw onto your existing shower arm, while others come with a mounting bracket for a more permanent installation.

Nonetheless, if you're having any trouble installing a recently acquired shower sprayer, don't hesitate to call us at Solace Showers for a hand!


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Our experts can advise you on incorporating personalized features such as seating, hand wands, and various head sizes to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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