Shower Grab Bars

You can make your bathroom safer and more practical by installing shower grab bars. These are perfect for older folk and those with small children – they're also a critical component of any ADA-accessible shower.

However, anyone can benefit from installing a shower grab bar. At Solace Showers, our goal is to make our customers' bathrooms as beautiful and safe as possible – that's why we're the #1 choice for these installations.

Benefits of Shower Grab Bars

Whatever your age or ability, shower grab bars are there to keep you safe while you get clean. Here are some key benefits.


1. Safety

Even the cleanest shower floor is a slippery place. Textured floor tiles and shower mats can do so much, but if you slip on a soapy area or lose your balance, a grab bar makes all the difference.

It's not just about catching you when you fall. It's about preventing the fall in the first place. Grab bars are great for maintaining your balance while you wash and for helping you navigate safely in and out of the shower area.

2. Comfort

A sturdy rail provides extra support if being on your feet is tiring. Many people suffer from chronic pain, shortness of breath, and other conditions that make an extended shower difficult without support.

Textured wall tiles are a great addition for keeping you comfortable while you wash, but there's no substitute for shower grab bars. Take your time and enjoy your wash in comfort.

Why Go With a Separate Shower Inspection?

You should have a separate shower check beyond the typical visual home inspection when purchasing a home. A leaky shower pan, for instance, wastes water, can damage your walls, and is a risk factor for dangerous mold.

A bathroom remodel is second only to a kitchen remodel in cost. Don't get caught off guard after you've already bought a home.

If you're choosing a remodeling contractor, you should make sure they're ready for municipal inspection with high-quality work. At Solace Showers, all our work comes with a lifetime guarantee. That's why we don't mind testing it!

3. Accessibility

We install ADA-accessible showers, and strategically located grab bars are an essential part of this service. We'll place the bars according to where you need them and ensure they're properly installed for maximum support and accessibility.

We install internal and external grab bars to help you navigate the bathroom safely without needing assistance. Call us to learn more.

4. Convenience

A grab bar isn't a shelf, but if you want to drape your loofah over it as you wash your hair, why not? It's super-convenient and provides additional space for small towels and sponges if you need to free your hands for a moment.

Remember to wash the bar if a soapy sponge has been placed on it – the bar needs to offer maximum grip at all times.

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Reasons to Install a Shower Grab Bar

At Solace Showers, we specialize in installing accessible shower solutions. Every home can benefit – here are 3 great reasons to install grab bars in your bathroom.


1. Protects the Elderly When Showering

The elderly appreciate the extra support and convenience of grab bars when showering. Whether it's for you, your partner, or visitors such as parents or friends, the grab bar will be deeply appreciated by someone.

Our installations are long-lasting, so you may even discover how useful this set-up is as years pass by! Ensure everyone can wash safely and comfortably by installing shower grab bars today.

2. It Can Save You if You Slip

Perhaps there's a wayward bit of shampoo on the shower floor that you haven't seen. Perhaps the bathmat is too far away, and you're taking a long step to get out of the shower. There's always a hazard of slipping in wet areas.

If you feel yourself losing your balance, a grab bar is your best friend. These sturdy bars can support an adult human's full weight and offer great support when you slip.

Slipping in the shower leads to many injuries and even some fatalities each year. It's worth investing in additional safety measures!

3. It's Part of an ADA Accessible Shower

If you or a loved one requires additional accessibility measures, Solace Showers is here to help. We install ADA-accessible showers and support systems – our grab bars are installed to the highest quality and just where you need them for total support.

If you need to install a personalized shower setup, our design team is here to help. Reach out, and we'll provide a full, free consultation for your ADA-accessible shower.

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

  • Shower Grab Bar Styles

    Where's the best place to install grab bars? This depends on the size and shape of your shower, as well as personal requirements. Here are the main installation styles.

  • Horizontal Bars

    These are typically placed around waist height and provide all-around support when showering. They're best for maneuvering and turning while you wash, and they offer emergency support if you fall.

  • Vertical Bars

    These are the best bars to prevent accidental falls. These long bars are designed to support a raised arm and can help you perform one-handed tasks without risking a fall. They're also good support if you need to catch your breath or rest for a moment.

  • Parallel Bars

    Sets of parallel horizontal bars are popular in the washing area. These allow you to maneuver in and out of the area easily.

  • Vertical Bars

    These are the best bars to prevent accidental falls. These long bars are designed to support a raised arm and can help you perform one-handed tasks without risking a fall. They're also good support if you need to catch your breath or rest for a moment.

  • In-Shower Bars

    Most grab bars are installed within the shower area. This is typically the highest-risk area, as the floor is slippery. We can install combinations of horizontal and vertical bars in the shower area to ensure you have full support whichever way you're facing and whatever you need to do.

  • Shower Surround Bars

    Bars outside the shower area are a vital part of getting around a bathroom independently for many people. They offer support while entering and leaving the shower and can help with navigation. They may be horizontal or vertical. These can double as towel rails when nobody requires them for support, but remember not to put towels or flannels on shower grab bars if someone needs them!

Why Choose Solace Showers for Grab Bars?

Our shower grab bars are manufactured and installed to the highest standard. They're designed to bear more than the weight of an adult human and protect you in emergencies.

We offer bespoke installation based on your needs – it all starts with a phone call and a free consultation.

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Keep yourself and your family safe as you wash. A more accessible, safer bathroom is always a great idea, and at Solace Showers, we've got the materials and the expertise to make it happen.

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