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Finding it hard to envision your dream bathroom? We've got you. Along with our bespoke Solace Showers visualizer tool, this guide will help you plan out your bathroom's colors and textures in gorgeous detail.

Make the smart choice – browse color and texture options at your leisure and shop with Solace Showers today.

Choosing Colors and Textures for Your Bathroom

Every inch of your bathroom deserves attention. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for every surface – different colors and textures suit different parts of the room.

When you shop with Solace, we'll take you through the perfect colors and textures for each part of your shower area and bathroom.

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Shower Floor Textures

Who says every shower floor needs to be dull, flat white? Conventional floors aren't just boring – they're not always comfortable to stand on.

Our range of textured tiles for your shower floor ensures it looks gorgeous and unique. They're also pleasant to stand on, with a huge range of textures to choose from.

Shower Floor Colors

We offer a huge range of color options and striking designs for your shower floor. Our priority is to ensure it looks amazing with the rest of your bathroom and shower design – the floor can offer contrast and accent your decor as much as any wall.

Wall Tile Textures

Choose a wall tile texture that suits your needs. Whether you're looking for something easy to clean, a texture that is comfortable to lean back on (no more cold shock!), or a surface that offers support and stability, we've got you covered.

We offer wall tiles in all sizes and textures. Our professional installers will provide a perfect finish to ensure your bathroom walls are fully waterproof and look stunning.

Wall Colors

Many of our tiles are appropriate for shower walls and the wider bathroom. Many homeowners love this unified theme – rather than contrasting small sections, you can enjoy the same beautiful tile around your entire bathroom.

Of course, you can also switch colors and patterns as you choose. If you're looking for a striking, creative bathroom, we can offer a full consultation to help you make the perfect choice.

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Shower Surround Tile Textures & Colors

Whether you're installing tiles above a bathtub or around a walk-in shower, they provide a much-needed contrast to the material used for the floor. The shower surround can't be overlooked – it sets the tone for the entire shower design.

The texture is so important here. Many homeowners choose tiles with a soft, non-slip feel to help them balance as they get in or out of the bathtub or shower. You may also wish for a texture or color that is super-easy to clean. We've got you covered!

Shower Accent Tile Textures & Colors

An accent wall or strip in a shower adds a sense of style to your bathroom. It can also help with coordinating where you want to store your shower items! Shower shelves can be positioned neatly along or beside an accent wall to create a pleasing symmetry.

Our range of accent tile textures and colors is second to none. Bring your bathroom to life and browse our collection!

Creating the Perfect Space – 4 Top Tips

We're always delighted to answer questions. If you want help planning your shower area, the experts at Solace Showers are ready to answer your call!

Follow our guide below and reach out today.

  • 1. Theme Colors

    Walls, floors, and accents should be themed and contrasted.

    Light and dark is a great place to start – some people prefer floors to be darker than walls, as they're more susceptible to dirt and grime. However, the traditional shower floor is white, and many use walls for a splash of color!

    There's no “right” way to do it as long as you know what you want the bathroom to look like. This is easier than ever with our visualizer tool!

  • 2. Use Area-Appropriate Textures

    Textures should be appropriate to the area of the bathroom. Textures that improve grip are popular for shower floors – consider how this should compare or contrast with the wider bathroom floor. Do you want continuity or change?

    Wall textures can improve accessibility and grip. Texture also affects the finish – a shining, smooth shower wall is a thing of beauty. Check out our options.

  • 3. Use Striking Accents

    Accents add so much character. They're a great choice for a slightly more elaborate tile that might overwhelm the room if applied in bulk.

    They're also a great way to introduce color contrast and darker colors. Using lighter tones for your walls is advisable because they reflect natural light. This gives your bathroom a spacious, airy feel and is extra important because bathroom windows are often tinted (so let less light in).

  • 4. Visualize the Complete Space Before You Begin

    There's no right and wrong way to decorate a bathroom, but there's a right way to plan a bathroom. That is: make sure you know what your plan will look like!

    Don't think in abstract terms like “a dark color over there” or “a vibrantly patterned tile here”. See it in action before you get started! Upgrade your shower design process using the Solace Showers visualizer tool.

Solace Showers Visualizer

Our visualizer lets you choose from hundreds of tile colors and textures for every area of your bathroom. Whether you're looking to redo a small portion or completely refit the room, the visualizer tool from Solace Showers is the ultimate way to find the bathroom of your dreams.

Compare different color combinations at your leisure. Save time compared to visiting endless showrooms – you have it all at the click of a button.

And, of course, if you'd like professional advice, our friendly team is on-hand to help. Reach out today.

Solace Showers Visualizer

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