Fiberglass Removal

Fiberglass showers can be a lower-cost option that’s relatively simple to maintain. However, they often have an unattractive or dated look and feel, and their quality tends to fade over time. For these reasons, many homeowners have been opting for fiberglass shower removal and instead choosing to install a sturdier, more stylish shower upgrade.

What Is Fiberglass?

Compared to other shower composition materials like tile and ceramic, the laminate surfaces of fiberglass showers are softer, so their finish is much more likely to show damage and scratches with use. The thinner material is also more sensitive to rapid or extreme temperature changes.

As lightweight structures derived from a combination of glass filament composite and polyester, these showers are molded to the desired shape before they are cured to become solid, then coated with protective resin. It’s not uncommon for bathtub and shower enclosures to be composed of fiberglass, as evidenced by the frequency with which homeowners are looking for professional fiberglass shower removal services.

When we perform fiberglass shower removal, homeowners often point out the downsides they’ve noticed using these types of tubs and stalls, such as uneven thickness and coloring and structural unreliability. Attractive appearance and sound structure are arguably two of the most important features a home shower should possess.


Why Remove Fiberglass Showers?

It’s no secret fiberglass isn’t a top-grade shower material. If it’s time to remove an outdated fiberglass shower that’s past its prime, we’re happy to help. Fiberglass showers are prone to warping and leakage, and they have a much shorter lifespan compared to other popular shower construction materials.

When it comes to custom shower remodeling, the possibilities are endless. What matters most is identifying how to construct a space that’s perfectly tailored to the user’s unique tastes and preferences while ensuring the facility will consistently meet all needs and exceed expectations.

Don’t settle for inferior products that won’t stand the test of time. Is your fiberglass shower overdue for an overhaul? Call now to book your consultation.

Clear Space for an Updated Look with Guaranteed Durability

Our expertly installed showers are always built to last with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Fiberglass may suffice for a certain period of time, but ultimately, its expected lifespan is only ten to fifteen years. Our results, on the other hand, are sure to endure, giving you a dependable and comfortable space for decades to come.

Reach out, and we’ll get started by removing your old shower enclosure, opening up the unlimited possibilities of constructing a custom-designed shower that will leave you speechless. We look forward to hearing from you and to getting started on your free, in-home consultation.

Total Transformation: From Fiberglass to Tile (& Beyond!)

By updating your bathroom with an elegant new tile shower, you’ll add significant value to your home. You’ll also benefit from the intrinsic and immeasurable value of taking sincere pleasure in performing your everyday life tasks.

We take pride in adding beauty and comfort to North Carolina homes, and we’re no strangers to transforming fiberglass bathing facilities into stunning, cohesively designed, top-of-the-line, new-and-improved spaces that are truly inviting.

Call now to book a consultation for reliable shower removal, along with any of our additional services you may be seeking. Our experts offer thorough inspections that fully assess for mold, corrosion, and leaks, as well as masterful design services and excellent tile shower installation. We look forward to learning all about your shower remodel dreams so we can successfully bring them to life.

Barrier Free shower with linear drain

Sturdy Solutions & Sound Advice at Your Service

With years of experience in replacing and renovating showers that no longer serve a home’s specific style and needs, we love nothing more than delivering life-changing solutions. Plus, we offer a wealth of knowledge, including experience-based advice determining which materials and styles will be most beneficial for you and your family.

Our beautiful tile work is always executed on budget and on time, with clear communication from start to finish. Embrace the power to fully design your new shower.

Schedule a free in-home consultation, and soon we’ll make the shower of your dreams a reality.

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

Removal is step one in transforming your old fiberglass shower into the glorious bathing space you’ve always wanted. Browse and be inspired by our elegant custom tile showers, beautifully finished with remarkable craftsmanship. We achieve the highest quality results by never cutting corners and constantly valuing our clients’ individual needs.

We’re skilled at delivering customized installation work with unparalleled quality. It’s our mission to consistently create the perfect solutions for each of our valued customers’ homes. Soon, you can discover the indescribable joy of finding the utmost comfort in your personal bathing space, day after day. What are you waiting for? Let’s remove that fiberglass shower to construct a better option, custom-built to your preferences and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Book a consultation – call now!