ADA Accessible Showers

Showering Made Safer & Easier!

Solace Showers specializes in in low threshold, easy access, easy use ADA accessible showers that make you feel safe while you bathe. The multiple modern designs with special relevant features make our ADA showers some of the best in the market. Call us now to book a consultation for your next shower remodel or installation.

What Does ADA Accessibility Mean?

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, which protects the rights of people with disabilities. It guards them from discrimination, especially regarding their public life. The act ensures that other people consider their actions when dealing with people with disabilities to make their life a little easier.

Some of the act's provisions are accessible parking and entry to buildings. If a building is ADA accessible, people using mobility devices can easily navigate it.

To be considered compliant, ADA showers should include features that make it easy for the elderly and handicapped to use them without much assistance.

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ADA / Handicap Showers

People with disabilities often have difficulty using building facilities because most were not made with their needs in mind. However, times are changing, and building contractors are now creating designs that can accommodate all body types and ability levels. It is important to note that disabled people are not the only group affected by inconsiderate building designs. Elderly people with mobility problems also have a very rough time accessing poorly designed sections of buildings.

Today, curbless showers and other easy-to-use bathing facilities have helped these two groups easily use the bathroom. Solace Showers specializes in ADA showers that have functionality and appeal to help provide everyone in your household with a beautiful place to take a bath.

Read on to learn more about these showers and how they can improve the lives of the disabled and elderly people in your home.

How Are ADA / Handicap Showers Different From Others?

Handicap showers are different from other showers in various ways. These features make the bathrooms accessible to elderly folks and people with disabilities.

A handicap shower can have a beautiful modern design and still cater to the elderly and disabled. Below are some features that set handicap showers apart from other designs.

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Shower Entry

Unlike bathtubs, which can have over a foot and a half of entry height, our shower entries are never more than 6 inches high. That means easier entry for Elderly, Disabled, or physically inhibited people is simplified and not burdensome. The entry is one of the defining features of the elderly shower design. Most bathing facilities have a high threshold of about a foot and a half above the ground. While that may have advantages, like stopping shower water from splashing into the rest of the bathroom, it is not ideal for the elderly.

A high curb is an obstacle for anyone with mobility problems, and such a bathroom will require them to have help while using it. Our showers are different in that they have a low entrance threshold with no more than six inches of entry height. That makes it easy for the elderly, children, and people with disability to use the shower without assistance.

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Shower Seating

The elderly and people with disabilities tend to get tired faster than others. They might need to rest for a minute or bathe while seated. With that in mind, we create various seating options for every elderly shower to help users rest when needed.

These options include movable seats and fixed benches in strategic locations. With such a setup, anyone with mobility issues can easily shower without feeling uncomfortable or tired from standing.

Our disabled shower seats are also comfortable and safe to use, which is what people with disabilities need to make their lives a little more manageable. Options are always available in case you need to rest for a moment. With fixed or moveable shower seating options you gain peace of mind!

Shower Grab Bars

Grab bars offer more support to anyone with trouble standing, especially in places with a high risk of trip and fall accidents, like the bathroom. Every ADA-compliant bathroom with a disabled shower should have grab bars that are sturdy and stable.

The bars should be strong enough to support different weights without breaking or sliding. Such bars help people with mobility problems move around the bathroom and shower without any problems.

Our contractors are highly experienced in such installations to help keep your bathroom safe for everyone. They will also recommend the best materials to avoid movement of the grab bar, which could cause fatal accidents. Always available in many different color, and length options, our ADA compliant grab bars allow for an additional peace of mind.

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Shower Hand-Held Wands

Showering has never been easier than with hand held wand options that make washing off so much simpler and convenient. Hand-held wands are convenient for anyone using the bathroom because of how easy it is to move them around and cover every part of your body. However, they serve an even better purpose when installed in a disabled shower. With a moving shower wand, disabled and elderly bathers can spread the water around their bodies without having to move around a lot.

Solace Showers is the home for all ADA shower designs. Our elderly shower builds transform your home into a non-discriminatory environment for everyone.

Talk to us and let us make your home bathroom ADA accessible with beautiful and modern shower designs from our collection.

All shower installations have a Lifetime Warranty

How Do ADA Showers Benefit the Elderly and Disabled?

ADA-accessible showers are a lifesaver for the elderly and disabled. They help them navigate life much more easily than they would if the bathrooms did not have all those accommodations. Here are some benefits of ADA showers for the elderly and handicapped.

  • Grants Easy Access to the Bathroom

    The main benefit of having a low threshold, the grab bars, and seats in the bathroom is that they are now easily accessible to people in wheelchairs. Anyone with trouble standing or moving around will have an easier time with such a shower.

  • Allows Them Independence

    The special features we install in ADA showers and elderly shower designs help the target group take a shower without too much struggle. Users can hold onto the grab bars for support, sit down when tired, and roll in a wheelchair if they have one.

  • Makes Showering Easier

    The special features we install in ADA showers and elderly shower designs help the target group take a shower without too much struggle. Users can hold onto the grab bars for support, sit down when tired, and roll in a wheelchair if they have one.

  • Makes Them Feel Acknowledged

    It is important to have a home where everyone feels included and considered. Having an ADA shower or bathroom will make the elderly and disabled people who come to your home feel welcome.