Our Process

If you've spent the last several years showering in an outdated fiberglass box, it's time to consider a change. You won't believe the difference bathing in a luxurious tile shower can make on your relaxation level and your enjoyment of your home.

Keep reading for a run-through of our custom shower remodel design and building process.


One of our sales team will meet with you in your home and go over options that will serve your wants and needs for your new custom tile shower.


We bring the showroom to your Livingroom.


Upon beginning your shower renovation we will need to remove the existing setup. During demo we will cover all floors and furniture and have a dust removal system in place. Don't worry, we'll haul away the mess!


Install usually takes only five mess-free days.


Chances are, your shower plumbing is outdated. We will update the plumbing and put a brand new valve system in using Delta valves and trim.

Waterproof Shower System

We install Schluter shower systems that will make your shower 100% waterproof, guaranteeing you never have a leak.

Tile, Grout and Glass

Next we install the tile of your choice, with the shower layout of your choice! We have a huge selection of 25 different grout colors. After Grouting, your glass is installed.


We hope you enjoy your shower for many, many years to come!

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Beautiful, Modern & Safe showers in 3 easy steps!

Your first step on the journey toward a newly renovated bathroom is reaching out to us for a free in-home consultation. We'll send an expert out to survey your existing setup and advise you on the possibilities for your new shower, such as what sort of tub/shower combination would work best in the space.

Our consultations are completely free and zero-obligation, meaning you won't have to sign any paperwork or pay a dime unless you decide to proceed with our services. We'll work around your schedule to ensure the least possible inconvenience to you and your household.

Before any construction takes place, our creative team will work with you to design the bathroom remodel of your dreams. You'll be able to browse through our collection of more than a thousand tiles and choose the colors, patterns, and materials that best suit your needs and aesthetic. We'll walk you through additional options like benches, handheld wands, and built-in shelves to further customize your bathing sanctuary.

Check out our gallery of completed projects for inspiration! You can also use our visualizer tool to experiment with different tiles and layouts from the comfort of your own couch.

Tile Installers You Can Trust

Booking a full-scale bathroom remodel is a tremendous commitment. We honor that commitment and the trust our clients place in our business by approaching every job with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail. Our custom shower process is designed with customer satisfaction and peace of mind first and foremost to create as smooth and stress-free an experience as possible.

We've worked with every type of tile you can think of, including marble, ceramic, porcelain, slate, and limestone. The whole Solace team offers a unique blend of impeccable technique and deep industry knowledge; our lead tile installer has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We've honed our installation process to a T, ensuring minimal inconvenience for maximal results.

When you design your new tile shower, you'll be able to choose how your tiles are sealed. We use a high-quality grout with antimicrobial agents mixed in to ward off mold and mildew, but you can upgrade to a potent epoxy sealant instead for maximum protection.

Our lifetime warranty comes straight from the manufacturer and covers everything from materials to labor. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your new setup, you won't have to pay anything out of pocket to get it fixed. That's how deeply we believe in our work.


We Remove Your Existing Shower & Fix Any Structural Damage

The first stage of your bathroom remodel involves deconstructing your original tub or shower. We'll get down to the bones of your existing shower system, checking for signs of structural damage to ensure we have a solid foundation on which to build your new shower.

Poorly installed and low-quality materials such as fiberglass can leak and degrade over time, which opens up your pipes and flooring to water damage. Our team is skilled in safe fiberglass removal techniques, meaning you won't have to worry about additional damage to your bathroom while we work.

Once we've completely removed the old system and repaired any damage to the underlying structure and pipes, we'll get to work on building your new bathing facility.


Our Technicians Will Install a 100% Waterproof Shower System

The next phase of our custom shower process is the installation. We'll start by installing a 100% waterproof and leak-proof shower system you'll be able to use and enjoy for years to come.

Next, we'll lay the tile you chose during the design phase. We can arrange the tiles precisely to your specification, creating eye-catching patterns or a pristine and uniform layout. We use the highest-quality grout to ensure your beautiful new tiles stay in place and remain watertight.

Our installation time varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. It typically takes anywhere from three to five days to lay the tile; however, a large-scale renovation involving multiple types of tile and several bathroom fixtures could take longer.

Glass walls and doors for your shower are also custom-designed and cut; these panels can only be installed after the tile is finished. Expect an additional wait time of three days to three weeks for your shower's glass elements to be installed. We promise your patience will pay off!


All You Have To Do
Now Is Enjoy Your New Shower!

What's the last stage of your custom shower remodel? It's you enjoying your shower!

Once the installation is complete and we've thoroughly cleaned up the workspace, you'll be left to bask in the glory of your brand-new bathing sanctuary for as long as you remain in your house. All of our complete shower renovations come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

A new tile shower does more than make bathing more enjoyable; it can even raise your home's property value and make it more enticing to buyers.
We stand by our work and our custom shower process, but if you ever have questions about your new setup, we'll be happy to assist you or send out an expert to inspect your bathroom.

Book Your Stress-Free Bathroom Remodel Today!

At Solace Showers, we've built our business on helping clients bring their wildest renovation dreams into reality. We've spent years honing and perfecting our custom shower process, and the results – as demonstrated by our numerous rave reviews from ecstatic customers – speak for themselves.

Call now to book a consultation for your custom shower remodel. We look forward to working with you!